About Us

Welcome to the blog of Creative Mind Lab, a Duos Global, LLC company where we focus on helping all sized companies to succeed.

Our goal is to share useful information for planning and managing all your marketing needs.

Duos Global was founded in 2018 with a goal of helping all the marketing needs of its clients. A year later, the management of Duos saw the need for bringing in-house SEO capabilities, which led to the acquisition of Creative Mind Lab.

So now, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the reading.


The Duos Creative Mind Lab Team.

Our Team is Located in

 Dallas, TX

Core Team

Salvador Rivas

Manager Partner

Sal is a high energy team leader with extensive sales and management experience across multiple platforms, including television, radio, digital, and project management. Experience aside, he considers himself a lifelong student of the industry, and he prides himself on going the extra mile in order to drive his clients’ success. Sal has a successful track record as an executive and has helped develop brands within both the Hispanic and General Market arena. Bilingual, multicultural, and an avid traveler, Sal is uniquely equipped to lead strategic marketing campaigns across various cultures and markets.

Sergio Alcantara

Managing Partner

With a background in International business, economics, finance and successful entrepreneurship, Sergio knows the daily demands of business ownership. With years of experience in management and strategic planning, he is always on the lookout for innovative ways to drive his clients’ competitive advantage and quickly pinpoint areas of opportunity. Sergio has a keen interest in world history, literature, and the arts, from which he draws inspiration for developing multidisciplinary, holistic strategies and solutions for his clients.