We, at Tron Spark, would like to thank the entire community for coming together and supporting our project and vision.

We understand the responsibility that comes with such a leadership role. As most supporters already know, we are a very open and transparent team. We will do things that have never been done, because of it, will make mistakes along the way, but we will do a lot of things well. It will be a journey that we will all embark on together.

We believe that in order to accomplish our goals, the community must come first. It is through the community that we will maximize our efforts in helping the Tron ecosystem grow and flourish. Our intention is to work closely with the other groups, such as the Tron leadership and the other Super Representatives, in order to expand the Tron protocol. We look forward to this opportunity.

Thank you once again for your incredible support,

The Tron Spark Team

Tron Spark

What is Tron Spark?

Tron Spark is a content creation and distribution platform focusing on blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and the Tron ecosystem.

What is Tron Spark’s mission?

Our mission is to introduce and educate the masses on the potential of the Tron platform.  In addition, we want to provide the highest quality news content to the blockchain community as a whole. We will do so by putting together a strong team of writers, journalists, and video makers.

Why did you guys get started?

As early investors in Tron, we felt the need to educate and provide a news outlet to inform people of Tron’s amazing decentralization concept and fall in love with it as we did.

Where is the team located?

We are currently located in Miami, Dallas, and New York City.

What will you do for Tron as a whole?

We will work closely with the community to find avenues to expand the Tron network. Our efforts will commence with our content platform by creating original content for our viewers to enjoy and share. Nonetheless, we will use the guidance of the community to adapt as needed.

We hope to be in the front line when it comes to informing and educating people about Tron.

What will you do for the community?

First and foremost, we will work to build the best team of writers, journalists, and video makers to provide relevant news and Tron focused content.

We will create articles, how-to’s, videos, and different types of content that can be leveraged by the community as a whole.

In addition to that, we will reward the community for voting us in as an SR with TRX. Please refer to the Revenue Section of this FAQ for information.

30% Ad Campaign Reward

What is the 30% ad campaign rewards? And who receives it?

The 30% ad campaign rewards are for early supporters of Tron Spark. It is our way of saying thank you for voting for us prior to becoming a Super Representative. A snapshot was taken roughly after 100 million votes were cast. This list will be published soon. 

The ad rewards will be distributed as soon as we have paid advertisers on our site.

How often will you pay out the rewards? And how will voters receive it?

The 30% advertisement campaign reward will be paid monthly. Note: The community rewards for voting will be rewarded daily.

Will the future 30% ad campaign rewards ever stop?

No, the reward is forever as long as your vote stays with us.

What happens to the 30% of the advertising revenue if someone removes their original votes?

The voter that removed their votes will lose the benefit. If a partial removal takes place, the removed portion will lose its benefit. The remaining portion will still earn rewards at its new corresponding rate. The rewards for any removed portion will go back into the organization for future projects.

When will the the 30% ad rewards begin?

The rewards will begin as soon as ads are placed on our website and revenues are recorded. Most likely, we will not see a significant advertisement revenue until we reach 30k+/- in monthly traffic to our site. More information on this will be provided soon. At the end of each month, we will post our ad revenues and the amount that will be sent to the community. This will be 30% of the total ad revenue.

How are you paying the ad campaign rewards?

We will take all ad sales’ net profit for the month and calculate it on the last day of the month. We will then convert 30% of it into TRX and send it to the original voters on that same day. If any changes are made to this structure, it will be posted on our groups and our website.

We will be very transparent in this process, sharing the total ad earnings.

If I unfreeze my TRX will I lose my position?

Yes. If we lose your TRX from our ledger, even if you add it back later, the algorithm will not continue to pay out the 30% of the ad sales to that address.

How will the community know of the ad revenues?

This information will be posted on our Telegram and on TronSpark.com.

70-100% Community Rewards

How will the Tron rewards be allocated?

In the first month, we will be rewarding 100% of our rewards to our voters. It will be the ratio between the number of votes you cast and the total number of votes in the calculation each day.


After the first month, the distribution will be as follows:

-70% to the community

-10% to operating costs (approximately – price of TRX will affect this)

-10% platform development and expansion (approximately – price of TRX will affect this)

-10% staffing and content creation (approximately – price of TRX will affect this)

When does the 100% community rewards begin? And when does it end?

The 30% advertisement campaign reward will be paid monthly. Note: The community rewards for voting will be rewarded daily.

-100% rewards begin on August 20, 2018 (pending successful implementation)

-100% rewards end on September 20, 2018

After the 100% is over, what happens?

Community Rewards get reduced to 70%.

So, if I vote during the first month will I earn 100% rewards or is it just for the first 100 million votes?

Voting at any time within the first month will earn 100% rewards for every voter.

The first 100-/+ million votes only pertains to the ad campaign rewards program.

Will the first month rewards be paid out daily, weekly, or monthly?

Daily. We expect to have the payout script functioning by the end of August 20, 2018. Our initial plan was to pay out weekly, but in response to community requests, we will now pay out daily. Currently, our developer is working on the SR requirements. We will post an update on our website every 6 hours.


How does voting work?

Tron is a delegated proof of stake platform where 27 Super Representatives are elected by TRX token holder. In order to vote, a TRX holder must freeze their vote. Votes will remain frozen for 3 days. Once frozen, the TRX holder can vote for their desired candidate.

Who can vote?

The 30% advertisement campaign reward will be paid monthly. Note: The community rewards for voting will be rewarded daily.

Anyone with TRX tokens.

How does the election work?

Every 6 hours there is an election period. You can vote in any election period and your votes will be entered into each period thereafter for the same candidate.

Can I earn TRX with every election?

Yes. Your vote will continue to earn rewards until you unfreeze your vote.

Do I need to vote everyday and with every election?

No, once your vote is cast for a candidate, your votes will automatically be cast for that candidate in every election cycle. Each cycle is 6 hours.

Does it cost anything to vote?

No, voting is free. It does not use up your TRX.

How are votes counted?

1 TRX equals 1 vote.

What does it mean to freeze your votes?

You cannot perform any transactions during this time.

After I vote, how long will my TRX be frozen for?

For the first 3 days, the TRX are frozen without the ability to unfreeze. Once the 3 days are up, the TRX holder can unfreeze them at any time.

What other incentives do I have for voting for you?

We want to add value to Tron and its native token. In order to do that, we will rely on the support from the community as well as the resources provided for being a Super Representative. We will strive to be the go-to option for Tron related content by hiring talented writers, staff, and video producers. Voting for Tron Spark allows us to continue operating in order to provide long-term value for all TRX holders.

Plans - What is Tron Spark working on now

What plans does Tron Spark have in order to remain a top Super Representative candidate?

Tron Spark is founded by a group of individuals that are committed to the long-term growth and development of the platform. Our goal is to provide the best quality content to our viewers. In addition, we hope to work closely with other SRs so that we can work towards a common goal. Together we can take Tron to the masses.

As far as rewards, we will stay competitive. We feel that it is important to find a good balance between rewards and operations. They each have their benefits. Being that we provide a revenue-based service, we can offer incentives as our platform grows.

What measures does management propose to maintain transparency and credibility, so that people who have voted don't get discouraged and shift their votes to different SR candidates?

In order to be successful in business, respect has to be earned. We will put in place parameters that demonstrate to the community how we operate. In the future we may possibly shift to TRX only ad services. Currently, the market is not fit for that, but that is a possibility.