Dear Tron Spark supporters,

As a Tron Super Representative, we understand the importance of aligning our goals and objectives with those of the community. From the commencement of our project, our goal is to involve our supporters in our mission of growing the Tron community and creating value for the ecosystem. As with any project, it is very important to establish a structure, where objectives and goals can be assigned and progress can be measured. In order to accomplish future success, Tron Spark has created Tron Spark Pro.


What is Tron Spark Pro?

Tron Spark Pro is a program that allows community members to take part in our journey in expanding the Tron ecosystem. We will be inviting motivated individuals that share the same vision as Tron Spark. In return, these individuals will share in the future ad revenues created by our platform. Of course, this does involve sacrifice as ad businesses are not created overnight. It takes time to establish a consistent following which will, in turn, drive ad placements. Nonetheless, we have done our research and the potential is huge in the long run.


Why are we creating Tron Spark Pro?

Essentially, we want to make Tron Spark a community-driven effort to support and enhance the Tron ecosystem. Imagine what we can accomplish working as one.


What’s the incentive?

Tron Spark will give 15% of its ad sales to those who were vital in expanding our vision.

Other benefits are:

Tron Spark is a real company providing you with the opportunity to:

  1. Be part of a startup
  2. Add real value and have a direct impact in the success of Tron
  3. Get real job experience
  4. Add experience to your resume (spice it up)
  5. Be in the know of all things Tron


Community Managers & Social Media:



Social Media Content Editor

Technology Team:

Web Developer

Marketing & Design Team:

SEO Expert
Video Editor
Graphic Designer


Distribution to Tron Spark Pro All Members:

TRX divided by the Total Number of Tron Spark Pro members

Bonus Distribution:

Awarded to most tasks completed in one month
Awarded to the SECOND most tasks completed in one month
Awarded to those who completed special projects

Can be distributed to one person or multiple people. Can be for one project or multiple projects in a month’s time

Apply to Work with Tron Spark

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