Without further ado, here are the 7 Ways to Identity the Best Web Design company for your needs. I am going to discuss each one in greater detail.

#1 The Best Web Design Company Employs Both Web Designers and Web Developers
#2 They Help You Identity Your Vision, Mission, Purpose, and Goals
#3 They Help You Identity the Specific Features You Need for Your Website
#4 They Have a Track Record of Success
#5 They Have Happy Customers
#6 They Have a Great Portfolio
#7 They Have Reasonable Prices
#1 – They Employ Web Designers and Web Developers

Many people think that they need a web designer when they really need a web developer. What is the difference you ask? The difference will determine whether you get something pretty, or get something that works. A web designer is focused on creating an authentic graphical design and mockup of your website, using the best practices, and industry specific standards that will give you a mouth watering design that will rock your socks off. However, someone has to code that design to make it work, and to make it clickable, and to make it collect people’s emails etc.

A web developer focuses on adding features and functionality to your website. They add contact forms, they integrate services and drop down menus, they make custom plugins and features that make your website work. A web developer is like a car mechanic, they make the car run, and run fast.

In order to determine the best web design firm its important to do a little research on the agency. How many people work for the company? What are their trade professions, web design, web development, internet marketing, sales? Who will you be working with? Answering these questions is key to having a successful website designed for your project.

#2 – They Help You Identity Your Vision, Mission, Purpose, Goals, and Steps

The first question you should ask yourself, is do you know your vision for your website? Furthermore, do you know your mission, your goals, and the steps to reach your goals and ultimately fulfill your vision. Every goal is time specific, you should take the time to determine 1 to 3 goals that will help you reach your vision and the time to complete those goals. In that way you will be set up for success and moving forward. Im not sure if all agencies help you determine this from the outset, most of the time it is ingrained in the agency team to create an incredible website working off of what you desire, but I would consider an agency better than another if they were to help you from the outset, write down your specific vision for your project. In that way, you can team up and work towards seeing your vision and your dream come to life. The best web design agency would help you bring your vision to life.

#3 – They Help You Identity Specific Features

What type of website are you looking for? An eCommerce website, a service based website, a charity based website? Each website requires different features and functionality. A charity website requires features to collect donations, whereas a product based website requires a shopping cart, and a service based website may require a way to collect leads for their service. In each and every case there are unique features and functionalities that are required for your project. Take the time to determine with your agency to find what features are right for you.

#4 – They Have a Track Record of Success

The past is a good predictor of the future. Not in all cases, because web designers skills usually improve with every new client, but in most cases after reading their reviews if you find that the average case is negative, than maybe you should continue looking elsewhere. However, if you notice incredible reviews from all of their clients, than maybe you should consider working with that web design agency. Also does the agency provide case studies of successful examples of working with their clients. In many cases, companies have not taken the time to create success stories for their future clients. Ask your new web design agency if they have any success stories and can you take a look at them.

#5 – They Have Happy Customers

Take the time to review their work portfolio. The work they did for one customer will be very similar to the work they do for you. You can even call a few of the customers that have worked with them and speak to them in person. This may be the best option in determining the final outcome of whether or not you should work with a company or not.

#6 – Look at their Work Portfolio

Before coming up with the perfect web design agency, its important to take a look at their work portfolio. Many firms may specialize in only a few skills like logo design, but may be poor in web development. Or maybe the web design firm is average in all of their skills, but lacking in being the best in one specific skill. You will need to way your options and find the perfect web design firm that will meet your needs, your vision, and your mission.

#7 – The Best Web Design Company Has Reasonable Prices

If you google “web design prices 2016” you will see varying prices from $2,250 to $10,000, even upwards of $30.000. On the lower side of pricing you will find do it yourself websites from 1 penny to $1, and upwards of $20 per month, for drag and drop sites like Shopify, Squarespace, and WordPress. The choice is yours, whether you do-it-yourself or hire an agency. If you want the best site made with the best technology for a new business of yours, you should hire an agency. If its for personal use, as a blog, or maybe a small work from home site, try a do-it-yourself website. For the best website possible I suggest looking for these 7 ways to identity the best web design company for your site.

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